Vault Scribbly Butterflies by Tim Holtz Thinlits Die


Celebrating 15 years with Sizzix, Tim Holtz is bringing his favorite designs back from the vault and better than ever! The classics have been reimagined with Tim’s creative approach to combine different design elements that all work together. These curated sets feature new sizes and different die technology offering something new both to makers who have the original dies, or makers who missed them the first time around.

  • Be inspired by nature, with Scribbly Butterflies by Tim Holtz. Featuring beautiful butterfly shapes, with intricate wing details to lay on top of the silhouettes.
  • Includes components from Scribbly Butterflies 664409.
  • The Vault Scribbly Butterflies Die Set Includes 4 wafer-thin dies. Designs are approximately 4.125″ x 3.625″ to 0.125″ x 0.125″.
  • Manufactured by Sizzix, an Ellison brand known for its crafting supplies, these Thinlits dies are designed to provide intricate shapes for your cardmaking and papercrafting projects.
  • Their wafer-thin, chemically etched composition allows them to cut, emboss, or stencil a wide range of materials, including cardstock, paper, metallic foil, and vellum.
  • They are compatible with most cutting machines.
  • The set has a handy storage envelope to keep your dies organized.
  • For easy identification, simply trim off the package’s front flap and slip it into the envelope.
  • Curated by Tim Holtz


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  • Sizzix Thinlit Dies are intricately designed metal stencils used for cutting out shapes or designs from various materials such as paper, cardstock, fabric, foil, or even thin metal sheets.
  • To use Sizzix Thinlit Dies, you need a compatible die-cutting machine. Simply sandwich your material between the Thinlit Die and a cutting pad, then pass it through the machine to cut out the design.
  • Sizzix Thinlit Dies are designed to be compatible with most manual and electronic die-cutting machines, including the Sizzix Big Shot, Cuttlebug, and Spellbinders Platinum machines.
  • With proper care and storage, Sizzix Thinlit Dies can last for a long time, providing countless uses before needing replacement.
  • Sizzix Thinlit Dies can be used to cut fabric, making them a versatile tool for quilting, appliqué, and other fabric-based crafts.
  • Most Sizzix Thinlit Dies come with basic instructions for use, including recommendations for materials and machine settings.
  • Sizzix Colorize Dies: Unique to the world of die-cutting, Colorize allows you to create realistic dimension using drop shadows and highlights for amazing detail. This die set was released as part of Chapter 1 2021. Thinlits create dazzling detailed shapes for more creative cardmaking and papercrafting projects.
  • Sizzix Thinlits Dies are primarily designed for cutting, but they can also be used for embossing depending on the design and the material you’re working with. While Thinlits Dies do not have the same depth as traditional embossing folders, you can achieve a subtle embossed effect by using them with an embossing mat or a piece of foam underneath your material. Simply run the Thinlits Die
  • and your material through your die-cutting machine as you normally would, but instead of using a cutting pad, place an embossing mat or foam sheet beneath your material. This technique may not produce as pronounced an embossed effect as dedicated embossing folders, but it can add texture and dimension to your projects.
  • You can also use Sizzix Thinlits Dies as stencils by placing them on top of your chosen material, such as paper or fabric, and securing them in place. Instead of running them through a die-cutting machine, apply ink, paint, or other mediums using a sponge, brush, or dauber over the open areas of the die. Carefully lift the Thinlits Die to reveal the intricately stenciled design on your material.
  • This method allows you to create detailed and precise patterns for your crafting projects, offering versatility beyond traditional die-cutting.


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