Hillcrest Art Supplies

About Us

Hillcrest Art Supplies is truly a business born from passion! Having always thrived in a creative environment, it stands to reason that owning a Fine Art and Craft store is where I would be happiest in life!

We stock a wide variety of Fine Art and Craft supplies, ensuring we cater to all creative needs, but understand that both art and craft are continually evolving and diversifying, which is why we continue to grow our already varied stock holding on a monthly basis. We keep up to date with new trends and products ensuring we are able to offer our clients the most current and varied products available.

Being privately owned we are able to provide a very ‘hands-on’ approach to our business, and our top priority has always been to value the ‘old school’ business ethos and provide exceptional levels of service. We are a small, dynamic team who all share the same passion and excitement for this industry.

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