Tombow MONO Zero Precision Eraser REFILL Round Tip


  • Tombow MONO Zero Precision Eraser REFILL for the Round Tip Erasers.
  • One tube contains two refills.
  • Refills are easily loaded by sliding in from the tip while pressing the cap.
  • Refills fit both the plastic and the metal bodied MONO ZERO.
  • Ultra-fine precision tip.
  • Tombow MONO Zero Precision Eraser Refills – round 2.3mm diameter.
  • Protect your work and erase only what you need with high-quality, precision erasers that will not damage paper.


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Tombow’s MONO Zero Precision Eraser Refills are designed for use with the Round Tip Erasers, providing a convenient and efficient solution for maintaining your eraser’s functionality. Each tube includes two refills, ensuring an extended lifespan for your eraser. The refilling process is straightforward, allowing for easy replacement by sliding in the refills from the tip while gently pressing the cap. These versatile refills are compatible with both the plastic and metal-bodied MONO ZERO erasers. The ultra-fine precision tip, measuring 2.3mm in diameter, guarantees accuracy in erasing, allowing you to protect your work by removing only what is necessary. Crafted from high quality materials, these precision erasers deliver optimal performance without causing damage to your paper.

Each tube contains 2 x round tip eraser refills
High-quality, precision erasers
Will not damage paper
Pen-style body is easy to use and store
Round 2.3mm diameter

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