Faber Castell Dusting Brush


  • Dust off eraser residue, powder and other soft particles from your work surface to keep your area clean and ready for creating.
  • The brush must not be used with too much pressure on the drawing, as this might move the graphite or pastel etc where you do not want it.
  • You can also use this with an eraser shield, after erasing, lightly brush over the shield with the dusting brush.
  • To remove eraser residue.
  • Features 3 rows of soft bristles for smudge free dusting.
  • Measures approximately 22cm long.
  • A classic wooden handle design for a timeless addition to your collection.
  • Bristles made from horse hair.


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The Faber-Castell Artist Dusting Brush features three rows of soft bristle hairs made from horse hair. Designed with a classic wooden handle and measuring in total approximately 22cm long. Use the Artist Dusting Brush is used to dust off eraser residue, soft pastel or Charcoal and other soft particles from the surface of your work. It minimizes smudging, keeps your hands clean and your work area tidy.

  • To remove eraser residue
  • 3 rows of soft bristles
  • Bristles made from horse hair
  • Approx. 22cm
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