Sterling Edwards Big Brush Palette


  • This 12 × 16″ covered palette made of heavyweight resin plastic also includes a central mixing area measuring 8¼” × 7¼” × ¼” deep and a lid that also can be used for mixing.
  • The large glazing wells are ideal for mixing and storing a large quantity of colour that remains uncontaminated by other colours
  • This eliminates the need to stop in the middle of a wash and attempt to mix more color that may or may not be the same as the original colour
  • When painting large, these glazing wells make working faster uniquely possible
  • The center mixing areas provide ample space for completing pictures without cleanup and without the need to stop and remix
  • This ingenious palettes combines 14 individual paint wells, 10 of which measure 1″ × 2½” and 4 of which measure 1″ × 2″ with eight large ¼” deep slanted glazing wells 6 measuring 1½” × 3″ and two measuring 1½” × 4″
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