Sand Tsukineko All Purpose Ink


Tsukineko All Purpose Ink, sold per .5 ounce bottle. Available in a wide variety of colors.

Brilliant ink colors dry without caking —fabrics remain soft. Perfect for use on quilting projects. Use with a Fantastix coloring tool by placing the tip of the Fantastix into the bottle; it will soak the ink into its barrel, allowing the tool to be used like a pen to draw or shade on fabric. Due to its blendability, washability and versatility, quick-drying Tsukineko All Purpose Inks have become a favorite among fabric artists.

Water-based and non-toxic, use it on unpainted wood, uncoated paper, leather(tanned leather), unglazed pottery and other porous surfaces too. All-Purpose Ink must be heat set on fabric for permanence. Heat set between color applications to prevent bleeding. Or layer colors to achieve a blended watercolor effect.

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