Rose Madder Genuine S4 Winsor & Newton Artist Watercolour 5ml


Rose Madder Genuine is a rose pigment only made by Winsor & Newton. Made from the Madder Plant found in Asia and Southern Europe, Rose Madder is an extremely valuable pigment.

  • High performance pigments ensure strength of colour and high permanence ratings
  • Wide and balanced spectrum of colours in half pans, whole pans and in 5ml, 14ml and 37ml tubes
  • Pigments are treated according to their individual nature and behaviour
  • Single pigments have been used across the range to ensure excellent mixability

A distinctive rose coloured single pigment made from the roots of the common madder plant, Rubia tinctorum. It is a rich, transparent pigment with granulating properties in watercolour. Considered the most stable natural pigment, it was highly sought-after since 1500 BC, when it was originally used as a fabric dye. Renowned colourist George Field, discovered the most efficient process of extracting the dye and thus making a stronger, more vibrant pigment. Realising the importance of his work, Winsor & Newton acquired Field’s research and they have used this as the basis for their colour recipes ever since.

Series number: 4 Chemical description: Lake of natural madder Colour index name: NR 9 Colour index number: 75330 Permanence rating: B(i) ASTM lightfastness rating: N/L Transparency/Opacity: T Granulating/Staining: G

The colours are chosen according to mass tone (colour from tube), undertone (bias of colour when in a thin film), colour strength, relative opacity and the character of the pigment in water colour, ie. granulating, staining or even wash. The resultant colour spectrum ensures the largest number of colours can be mixed from the range.

The optimum brilliance of every colour in the Professional Water Colour range is unparalleled by any other water colour. Remarkably, this brilliance is combined with high permanence.

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