Permanent Yellow Orange Maimeri Classico Oil Paint 60ml


  • Maimeri Classico Oil Paints are produced by Italian Paint Make Maimeri.
  • Classico Superfine Oil Colours provide artists with the highest quality, most pigmented oils, even using real cadmiums.
  • Whites are blended with non-yellowing oils (safflower oil) to retain their brightness and purity.
  • The ideal combination of modern and traditional pigments, safe and stable.
  • Authentic cadmium pigments in concentrations of 20% to 25%.
  • Competitiveness as a distinctive feature.
  • The best quality / price ratio on the market.
  • Oil colour with performance superior to price.
  • 77 colours, an infinite assortment of yellows, reds, greens and blues.
  • Of the 77 colours, 73 have maximum stability to light.
  • Absolutely no waxes or additives.
  • Perfectly balanced drying times.
  • Maimeri Classico Oil Paints are available in 60ml tubes.


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Maimeri Classico Oil Paints are a range of high-quality, superfine oil colours produced by the Italian paint manufacturer Maimeri. These paints are known for their exceptional pigmentation, utilizing authentic cadmium pigments in concentrations of 20% to 25%. They offer a wide colour palette of 77 colours, with 73 of them having maximum stability to light. Maimeri Classico Oil Paints are formulated without waxes or additives, using non-yellowing oils like safflower oil to preserve the brightness and purity of the colours. These paints have a buttery, thick consistency that dries to a satin glow, providing artists with a versatile option for creating artworks with rich colours and balanced drying times. Using Maimeri Classico Oil Paints offers several benefits for artists.


Frequently asked questions about Maimeri Classico Oil Paints:

How can I clean my brushes when using Maimeri Classico Oil Paints?
To clean your brushes effectively, follow the cleaning steps outlined to minimize damage and prepare them for your next painting session. Avoid leaving your brushes in a jar of solvent to soak, as this can cause bristles to swell and shed.
Why does my oil paint separate when squeezed out of the tube?
Sometimes, a little oil might come out with the paint when squeezed from the tube. This happens because the pigment is insoluble and heavier than the oil. You can fix this by gently squeezing and molding the tube to mix it back together.
What oil paint mediums should I use with Maimeri Classico Oil Paints?
The best mediums to use are linseed, walnut, and safflower oil as they mix smoothly and harden when they dry, helping adjust the thickness and translucence of your paints.
Can I use regular cooking oils as a painting medium with these paints?
No, regular cooking oils like vegetable oil cannot be used as a painting medium with Maimeri Classico Oil Paints because they do not dry or harden like linseed, walnut, or safflower oil.
Can I mix Maimeri Classico Oil Paints with other types of paints?
No, oil paints do not mix with water-based paints like acrylic, watercolour, or gouache due to their different bases. Water-mixable oils are an exception designed for use with both oil and water-based paints.
How can I create a consistent finish on my painting using these paints?
To achieve a consistent finish, you can use finishing varnish once your painting is dry to give it an all-over matte, semi-gloss, or gloss finish. Wait at least 6 months for the painting to dry completely before varnishing.
How do I varnish an oil painting made with Maimeri Classico Oil Paints?
Before varnishing, ensure your painting is completely dry to prevent cracking. Wait at least 6 months before applying varnish and use a wide, soft brush for even strokes.
How can I keep my paints fresh for multiple sessions when using these paints?
If you have leftover paint after a session, wrap your palette in cling film to prevent drying out. This is especially useful when mixing colours that may be challenging to recreate.
What makes Maimeri Classico Oil Paints stand out among other brands?
These paints offer exceptional quality and pigment concentration at a single price point, providing artists with highly pigmented oils made without waxes or fillers. They are known for their superior performance and consistency in texture.
Are Maimeri Classico Oil Paints suitable for both students and professional painters?
Yes, these paints cater to a wide range of artists from students to professionals due to their high pigment load, colour mixing capabilities, and light stability in a variety of colours and tube sizes.


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