Pastel Pencil Landscapes


Landscapes are a favourite subject for most of us, and capturing the beauty and the magic of the natural environment just feels like what you should be doing as an artist. The great thing about landscapes is that the drawing side of things is quite easy going. This makes it really appealing to newcomers, as well as more advanced artists who don’t want to spend ages on a highly accurate line drawing before they can get started.

The 4four studies Phil has chosen are designed to help you create a wide variety of textures and landscape elements. This way, you have the confidence to chose other landscapes of your own, and there’s not going to be anything that trips you up.

They start off quite easy and then quickly progress to a couple of quite detailed scenes. But don’t worry if these look a bit daunting… Phil’s broken them down into various stages that makes them much easier re-create!

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Throughout this course Phil will show you how paint a series of four captivating, yet very different landscape scenes using a really limited set of materials.


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