Mungyo Half Pan Black

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  • Mungyo Professional Watercolour Half Pans feature high quality watercolour paint known for its vivid colour intensity, transparency, brilliance, excellent dilution, and superior lightfastness.
  • Crafted from pure pigments without additives, these colours blend seamlessly while maintaining their captivating intensity.
  • Perfect for the artist on the go or in the studio.
  • Available in 48 lightfast and vivid colours.
  • Made with pure pigments, no additives.
  • Colours mix together perfectly, offering superbly subtle shades.
  • Can be used with the Mungyo empty tins to create your own unique set of colours.
  • Mungyo Professional Watercolour Half Pans Measure: 16mm x 20mm x 10mm.
  • Mungyo Professional Watercolour Half Pan: Black 860


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Mungyo Professional Watercolour Pans are high-quality watercolour paints known for their vivid colour intensity, transparency, and brilliance. Crafted from pure pigments without any additives, these paints allow for seamless blending and maintain their captivating intensity. The range of 48 lightfast and vibrant colours provides artists with a wide variety of subtle shades to work with. The half pans measure 16mm x 20mm x 10mm, making them convenient and portable for artists working on the go or in the studio. Additionally, Mungyo offers empty tins that allow artists to customize their own unique set of colours by filling the empty half pans. Overall, reviews describe the Mungyo Professional Watercolour Pans as high-quality, vivid, and transparent paints that are excellent for both beginners and professional artists.

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