Magenta Red Primary Lukas 1862 Professional Oil Paint 37ml


Considered One Of The Worlds Favorite Oil Colors

Made in full pigment strength and in almost exactly the same manner. This allows artists to select a palette of colors between the two lines based on the economy they need. With modern abilities to concentrate pigments, LUKAS has created colors with the intensity valued by master artists but without the need to work the paint before painting. LUKAS colors are incredibly smooth with a consistent ground particle size. This is accomplished by grinding pigments with vehicle up to 7 times through a triple roller mill. LUKAS has mastered the art of making oil colors by taking the guesswork out of drying while still maintaining an excellent archival painting film. Their secret recipe employs primary driers that support the surface drying as well as auxiliary driers that support the body of the paint layer’s drying. Created over 150 years ago, LUKAS 1862 Oils are a premium quality oil paint

  • Incomparable color intensity, highly pigmented
  • Smooth consistency and buttery feel
  • 62 of the 80 color range are Series 1 for an exceptional value!
  • Enhanced with beeswax
  • Non-yellowing sunflower oil
  • Outstanding lightfastness
  • Shorter drying time
  • Dry to the touch usually in 2 to 4 days
  • Incredibly smooth with a consistent ground particle size
  • Triple-mill process to produce this superb oil paint
  • Palette based on those used by old masters
  • Pure, refined medium
    • Consistent in hue and texture from tube to tube
    • Clean and lifelike mixing
    • Brilliant color spectrum
    • Classic palette
    • Smooth consistency and buttery feel
    • Outstanding lightfastness
    • Bring out your highlights
    • Smooth and amazing blend
    • Increase painting output

Brilliant Color Spectrum, Great Value! – Based on the highest quality classic and modern pigments, the wide 80-color spectrum available in LUKAS 1862 Oil Colors consists of no fewer than 40 single-pigment colors for clean and lifelike mixing, along with 2 metallic shades.

Incomparable color intensity – The finest in classic and modern pigments, all with high to very high light fastness ratings, give LUKAS 1862 Oil Color a brilliance, concentration and permanence that stands the test of time.

Beeswax – Beeswax ads body and creaminess to the paint, that is why it feels so nice and because the body of the paint is consistent it helps with even drying so it dries reliably.

Shorter drying time – Dry to the touch usually in 2 to 4 days means that you can continue work on your LUKAS 1862 Oil Color paintings faster than with other brands without risking damage to the under layers.

Pure, refined mediums – Pharmaceutical grade, virgin cold-pressed linseed oil, non-yellowing sunflower oil, and a touch of beeswax give LUKAS 1862 Oil Colors their silky, “short”, and buttery consistency that makes for smooth brushstrokes, even drying and a stronger paint film.

Classic palette – LUKAS 1862 Oil Colors have a color palette based on those used by old masters such as Van Gogh and widened to include favorites from more recent times, making for a well-balanced and versatile color palette sure to please the most demanding of painters!

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