KUM Long Point Sharpener


What is a long point sharpener?
The blades of the long point sharpener, sharpen at a particularly small angle to the pencil. This forms a long and precise pencil tip. The finest details and lines can be worked out in this way. In addition, the small angle keeps the tip sharp for a longer time period and it is not necessary to sharpen the pencil so often.

  • The famous KUM Automatic sharpens pencils to an extra-long point in two stages.
  • One hole is used to shape the wood, the second shapes the lead.
  • An automatic brake prevents over sharpening.
  • The The KUM Long Point Sharpener has a flip-top case has a small waste container and two spare blades.
  • Suitable for all round, hexagonal and triangular shaped pencils.
  • The KUM Long Point Sharpener – AS2M version has an additional lead pointer function, suitable for sharpening 2mm and 3.15mm lead.
  • KUM Carbon Steel blades are of the highest-quality available.


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Create an incredibly sharp and clean pencil tip with the KUM Long Point Sharpener. The sharpener uses two holes: one for shaving away the wood casing and one for sharpening the exposed lead to a perfect point. A built-in stopper acts as an automatic brake, preventing over-sharpening. This sharpener also incorporates two smaller holes on the sides for sharpening 2.0 mm and 3.2 mm leads. The sharpener’s razor-sharp blades are made of high-carbon steel that resists corrosion and can stay sharp for thousands of uses. Two replacement blades are included in a compartment inside the sharpener.

KUM is a manufacturer of sharpeners, drawing instruments, erasers, brushes and much more for school and office. The highest quality standards and excellence associated with products designed or manufactured in Germany distinguish KUM since 1919.


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