Dala Plaster of Paris 5kg


  • Dala Plaster of Paris is a white, powder product that requires the addition of water to create a paste which can then be poured, or sculpted with.
  • The paste is poured into a mould to create a ‘positive’, or poured over something to cast a ‘negative’.
  • Dala Plaster of Paris is available in 1kg and 5kg bags.


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How to Use Plaster of Paris:
Plaster of Paris must be mixed with water to create a pourable to stiff paste that can be shaped or moulded with.
Sprinkling the plaster into clean water – mix 2 parts plaster of Paris with 1 part water.
Leave to stand for 60 seconds.
Then mix slowly until a thick, creamy consistency has been achieved.

*Clean up using a wet cloth or water while plaster is still dry.


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