Contour Black Kreul Pen


Item Type : Porcelain Painting Pen Outlining Metallic

  1. Fashionable and brilliant color shades with shaped firm tip for painting on glass, glazing ceramic, metal and porcelain
  2. Shake well before use with the cap closed
  3. The pen is activated by pressing the tip firmly on paper several times until the paint appears
  4. First test the pen on paper before painting the object
  5. After a drying time of 4 hours, cure at 160°C in the non-preheated kitchen oven for 90 minutes
  6. After curing the painting is dishwasher safe
  7. Made in Germany by C-kreul


Shake the pen vigorously with closed caps till you are able to ‘hear’ the metal balls sound moving freely inside and the pen kind of feels ‘free’ (It can take up to 2 minutes for the first use!). press the tip several times ( on rough paper) until color is visible. Now you are ready! store the pens horizontally for future use. shake well and pump before next use. Since most of the colors are water based keep away from frost and  cold.

Characteristic: Water-based, lightfast, solvent-free, watersmudgeand dishwasher proof after curing

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