Cerulean Blue Hue Lukas Studio Oil Paint 37ml


High-quality, professional oil paint at a reasonable value!

Working with over 145 years of tradition and advancement, LUKAS has created a high quality yet economical oil paint for the discerning artist! LUKAS Studio Oils are made with the same high-quality pigments and exclusive blend of linseed oil, sunflower oil, and beeswax as their master line of 1862 oil paints. All toxic, caustic, and expensive pigments have been eliminated from the line, leaving you with a well-balanced but affordable spectrum of brilliant colors.

Loaded with pigment, LUKAS Studio Oil Paints have exceptional covering power, and the high-quality linseed oil, sunflower oil, and beeswax binder make for even drying and a strong paint film. Dry to the touch in 2 to 4 days and available in 37ml, 75ml and generous 200ml tubes mean that you can work large and quickly while not breaking the bank! With a range of 48 vibrant colors all at the same price, LUKAS Studio Oils are professional paint at an affordable cost, and are sure to become a staple in your studio!

Key Features:

  • Heavy pigment load
  • Excellent lightfastness
  • 48 colors 37ml & 200ml tubes
  • Dry to the touch in 2 to 4 days
  • Exclusive blend of linseed oil, sunflower oil, and beeswax
  • Great quality professional paints

Perfect For:

  • Well-balanced range of color
  • Smooth, buttery consistency
  • High-quality pigments
  • Strong paint film
  • Paint at an affordable cost
  • Excellent feel with the brush, or palette knife
  • Painting more, worry about cost less!

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