Black Box: 20 pieces


Set contains:

3 charcoal pencils (soft, med, hard), 3 Nero pencils (soft, med, hard), 2 Monolith graphite woodless pencils (9B/6B), compressed charcoal in 5 grades, 4 willow charcoal sticks, 1 sketching coal stick, 1 kneaded eraser and a paper blending stomp

Nero Charcoal Pencils: 

An oil-based charcoal that produces a shiny black, smudge-proof stroke. The water-resistant pencils work in excellent combination with traditional charcoal and all manner of water media when a permanent line is needed.

Monolith Graphite Woodless Pencils:

A solid cylinder of graphite wrapped in the thinnest lacquer coating, the Monolith Graphite Pencil thrills artists with its ability to create broad and fine strokes with a single pencil.

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