12’s Van Gogh Soft Pastels Set


  • Pure and brilliant colours in soft pastel sticks for those seeking the student-artist quality level
  • Van Gogh slim, round sticks are ideal for using the edges for detail or on its side for broad area coverage
  • Composed of high-quality pigments and kaolin clay for a formulation with easy colour transfer, a velvety appearance, and made to be less likely to crumble
  • Pigments are free of heavy metals: lead, cadmium, and cobalt
  • Pastels work fantastic on grounds with tooth (surface texture) that can hold the pastels, such as paper, cardboard, stone, asphalt, or wood
  • Pastel drawings and paintings are not smudge-proof, and it’s recommended to use a fixative on top of finished artwork. colours are lightfast rated with good (25-100 years under museum conditions) to excellent (100+ years under museum conditions)
  • Contents: (White -100,5; Light Yellow- 201,5; Deep Yellow – 202,5; Lemon Yellow – 205,8; Yellow Ochre – 227,5; Gold Ochre – 231,3; Light Orange – 236,5; Madder D – 331,3; Perm Red D – 371,8; Perm Red – 372,5; Burnt Umber – 409,5; Burnt Sienna – 411,5; Ultramarine L – 505,9; Ultramarine D – 506,5; Prussian Blue – 508,5; Turquoise Blue – 522,5; Red Violet – 545,5; Blue Violet – 548,5; Phthalo Blue – 570,7; Perm Green D – 619,5; Olive Green – 620,5; Perm Yellow Green – 633,5; Black – 700,5;  Grey – 704,7)
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