Sinoart Sealing Wax Gold


  • Sealing wax is a wax material used to create seals that harden quickly when melted, forming a bond that is difficult to break without noticeable tampering.
  • It is commonly used on paper, parchment, ribbons, and wire for various purposes such as verifying that a document is unopened, confirming the sender’s identity, and for decorative purposes.
  • Sinoart Sealing Wax is suitable for hobby, craft projects ,wedding and party invitations.
  • Ideal for decorating envelopes, parcels, invitations.
  • Tip: To get a thicker seal, simply use more drops!
  • Sinoart Sealing Wax is available in Bronze, Gold, Red and Silver.
  • Sold per stick.


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To create a wax seal using sealing wax, you can follow these general steps:

Using Sealing Wax Sticks:
Preparation: Have your envelope, seal head, wax colors, and lighter ready.
Lighting: Hold the wax stick in your dominant hand and light the wick. Let the wax melt but avoid letting it drip too quickly.
Dripping: Hold the stick over the spot where you want your seal and allow the wax to drip until you have a nickel-sized puddle.
Stamping: Press your seal into the wax puddle for a couple of seconds, ensuring excess wax around the seal.
Rest and Remove: Let the wax cool for 30-60 seconds before gently removing the stamp to reveal your design.
Additional Tips:

For best results, ensure your stamp is oriented correctly before pressing it into the wax.
Avoid overheating the sealing wax as it can cause bubbles or alter the final look of the seal.
Experiment with different colors and techniques like marbling for unique effects

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