Red Crisitex Fabric Paint 120ml


  • Crisitex Fabric Paint gives you excellent coverage on your fabrics. Great for art or decor projects and it is even machine washable!
  • Crisitex Fabric Paint is a proudly South African product.
  • Pre-wash fabric before applying Crisitex Fabric Paint.
  • Can be heat set when dry for a permanent finish that can be washed.
  • Store in a cool, dry place.
  • Clean equipment with warm soapy water before it dries.
  • Can be brushed, stamped, sponged or stencilled onto fabrics.
  • Make sure the lid is tightened thoroughly to ensure it does not dry out.
  • Crisitex Fabric Paints are available in: Standard Colours, Semi Opaque Colours, Pearlescent Colours, Metallic Colours and Fluorescent Colours.
  • Disclaimer: colours shown may vary.


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