Prime Art Black Aluminum Table Easel


  • The Prime Art Black Aluminum Table Easel is a light weight travelling easel ideal for field work.
  • It folds down and fits into a small storage bag with strap and can be taken wherever you go.
  • It is easy to assemble, just unfold and prop it up on any stable work surface.
  • Supplied with a nylon carry bag.
  • Black Aluminium Table Easel with extending arms.
  • Prime Art Black Aluminum Table Easel: EA17


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Introducing the Prime Art Black Aluminum Table Easel – the perfect companion for artists on the go. This lightweight and portable easel is specifically designed for field work, making it an ideal choice for those who love to create outdoors. With its convenient foldable design, it effortlessly fits into a compact storage bag with a strap, allowing you to take it wherever inspiration strikes. Setting it up is a breeze; simply unfold and prop it up on any stable work surface, and you’re ready to unleash your creativity. Crafted with extending arms, this black aluminum table easel offers versatility and adaptability to suit various artistic needs. Plus, it comes complete with a durable nylon carry bag for easy transportation and added convenience. Embrace the freedom of artistic expression with the Prime Art Black Aluminum Table Easel, your reliable and portable companion for artistic exploration.

There are many advantages to working on an easel:

1. Avoid the effects of perspective
Basic perspective tells you that objects further away appear smaller than objects close to you. The objects you draw on the end of the paper furthest from you will be affected by perspective. You will unconsciously compensate for this effect and draw the objects at the far end of your paper larger, so it looks “right” to you from your angle. But when the drawing is upright, it may appear “top heavy”. If you’re drawing a landscape, this probably won’t be an issue. But if you’re aiming for realism with portraits, this effect will definitely make a negative impact on your work.

2. Improve your posture
When your work is set flat down on your desk, most people have a tendency to lean or hunch over their drawing. Over time, this puts a lot of unnecessary strain on your neck and upper shoulders as your body is struggling to constantly support your head.
Did you know the average human head weighs 10 pounds?! That’s a lot of stress for your poor neck muscles. Just leaning with your head forward 15 degrees results in your body supporting an equivalent weight of 27 pounds!

3. Increase your drawing / painting speed
You want to position yourself so that you can quickly glance from your easel to your reference image.

4. An easel is a space just for your art
The best practice is to avoid eating and drinking at the same area that you make art. When your work is on an easel it’s mounted to a surface reserved just for art. There are no crumbs, oil, soda, coffee, etc. on that surface. Your drawing has its own safe space. If there are any accidental spills, your work is at a much better position than if it were lying on your desk.

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