Potentate Ringbound Watercolour Handbook Cold Press


  • The Potentate Ringbound Watercolour Handbook is spiral bound with a detachable iron ring meaning inner pages can be replaced.
  • Lays flat when open.
  • Potentate provides natural white watercolour paper suitable for professional and amateur artists.
  • Ideal for experimentation and exploration of various artistic mediums on its high-quality 300gsm paper.
  • Potentate Watercolour Papers come in multiple formats to cater to diverse surface requirements.
  • They are well-suited for a wide range of techniques, including watercolour, printing, sketching, and gouache.
  • Potentate Ringbound Watercolour Handbooks are made with 100% Cotton Paper.
  • Potentate Ringbound Watercolour Handbooks measure 19.5cm x 19.5cm in size.
  • Cold Press.
  • 300gsm.
  • 20 Sheets per book.
  • Acid Free.


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Advantages to using Cold Press Watercolour Paper:
Cold press watercolour paper offers artists a textured surface ideal for watercolour techniques, quick drying, suitability for larger paintings, the ability to replicate textures, and the flexibility to make corrections during the painting process.
Texture for Watercolour Techniques: Cold press paper has a textured surface with small indentations and divots that trap water and colour, allowing for better control and blending of watercolours. This texture is preferred by watercolour artists for its ability to create unique effects.
Absorbency and Quick Drying: Cold press paper is more absorbent than hot press paper, allowing for quicker absorption of water and colours. This feature enables artists to blend and layer colours effectively while painting.
Ideal for Larger Paintings: The texture of cold press paper makes it suitable for larger paintings where intricate details are not the focus. It is preferred for artworks that require a more expressive and textured finish.
Replicating Textured Surfaces: Cold press paper is perfect for replicating textured surfaces in artwork due to its inherent texture that adds depth and character to the final piece.
Accepts Corrections and Lifting Off: Cold press paper allows for a certain amount of corrections or lifting off of paint pigments, providing flexibility during the painting process.

What is the difference between hot press and cold press watercolour paper?
The difference between hot press and cold press watercolour paper lies in their surface texture and absorbency. Cold press watercolour paper has a slightly textured surface, which is more absorbent and dries quickly. This texture allows the paint to granulate and flow in the dips, grooves, and irregularities of the paper, creating a characteristic look associated with watercolour artwork.
Hot press watercolour paper, on the other hand, has a smooth surface that is less absorbent and allows for more time to adjust the paint while drying. This type of paper is better suited for fine detail work, as it handles ink, pens, and penciled details better than cold press paper.
Additionally, hot press paper tends to produce more vivid colours and is less prone to lifting and alteration of the paint once it has dried.

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