Mont Marte Signature Watercolour Brush Set


  • The Mont Marte Signature Watercolour Brush Set consists of natural hair bristled brushes.
  • The brushes in the set are designed for watercolour projects.
  • The set includes a handy zip case suitable for travel.
  • The zip case also helps extend the life of the brushes.
  • Short handled ergonomic brushes.

The Mont Marte Signature Watercolour Brush Set Includes 10 Brushes:
1 x Flat Shader 4, 1 x Round 8, 1 x Flat Shader 10, 1 x Oval Wash 3/4, 1 x Flat 1″, 1 x Flat Wash 3/4, 1 x Filbert 6, 1 x Round 4, 1 x Round 2, 1 x Round 0

Do not allow the paint to harden on the brush
Rinse out colour thoroughly in warm water and re-shape when finished

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The Mont Marte Signature Watercolour Brush Set comprises natural hair bristled brushes specially crafted for watercolour projects. This set is thoughtfully designed to be travel friendly, featuring a convenient zip case that also serves to prolong the lifespan of the brushes. The brushes in this collection have short handles with an ergonomic design, making them comfortable to use. The set includes a variety of brush types and sizes, including 10 brushes, with names like Flat Shader, Round, Oval Wash, Filbert, Flat Wash, and more, catering to different artistic needs.

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