Mont Marte Discovery Gesso Brush Set


  • This set of Mont Marte Discovery Gesso Brushes offer fantastic value for money.
  • The Mont Marte Discovery Gesso Brush Set includes 3 brushes (1 x Flat 2, 1 x Flat 4 and 1 x Flat 6)
  • The flat head hog bristle shape is perfect for priming canvas, varnishing and for painting large background areas.
  • The soft absorbent bristles hold paint well, making them great for watercolour washes too.
  • They are suitable for use with Oils, Acrylics, Watercolours and Poster paints.


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Do not allow the paint to dry in the brush
Remove as much paint as possible with a paper towel prior to rinsing with water (Acrylic, Poster Paints, Watercolours) or turpentine followed by cleaner or soapy water (Oil-based paints)
The benefits of using gesso brushes include:
Priming Canvas: Gesso brushes are designed to apply gesso, a primer used to prepare the surface of a canvas for painting. Gesso creates a smooth and even surface, making it easier to apply paint and achieve better results
Varnishing: Gesso brushes can also be used to apply varnish, a protective layer that helps preserve the artwork and enhances its appearance. This is particularly useful for protecting oil paintings and other works of art
Versatility: Gesso brushes are not limited to just priming and varnishing. They can be used for various artistic applications, such as creating textures, blending colors, and applying impasto techniques
Quality: Gesso brushes are made with high-quality materials, such as flat head hog bristles, which provide a smooth and even application of gesso and varnish
Value for Money: The Mont Marte Discovery Gesso Brush Set offers great value for money, as it includes three brushes in different sizes (2, 4, and 6), suitable for various artistic needs

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