Daniel Smith Watercolour Dot Card 266 Colours


Take the ultimate colour journey with Watercolour Dot Cards – a wonderful resource for building your personal colour palette. Each dot of paint lists the name and pigment properties so you can explore new shades. They’re perfectly portable for travel journaling, too. Dab the dot with a wet brush and watch the colour flow.


  • Dot Cards give you a unique opportunity to try all 266 of the DANIEL SMITH Extra Fine Watercolours – including PrimaTek  – all contained on just a few sheets of watercolour paper.
  • Each dot is big enough to add plenty of colour to your artwork.
  • Dot Cards are a wonderful resource for building your own personal palette – each dot lists the paint’s name and pigment properties, so it’s easy to explore and compare different colours.
  • Dot Cards make a great swatch library – dab each dot with a wet brush and watch the colour flow.
  • Dot Cards are easily portable for plein-air painting and travel journaling – all the colours are at your fingertips and they rewet beautifully.


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Generally regarded as one of the world’s best artist quality watercolour brands, Daniel Smith has spent over 18 years developing a complete and comprehensive watercolour range.  These watercolours are ‘formulated to meet and exceed the highest industry standards for the manufacture of artist’s paints’, and every batch made is tested and analysed for its performance qualities – lightfastness, colour value, tinting strength, clarity, vibrancy, undertone, particle size, density and viscosity. The range contains many traditional colours but also some unique colours made only by Daniel Smith.

These are “paint-able” dots of pure DANIEL SMITH Watercolours that you can paint to experience the colours in the range and discover the properties of this excellent watercolour paint.

Daniel Smith Watercolours are formulated to meet and exceed the highest industry standards for the manufacture of artist’s paints, and every batch made is tested and analyzed for its performance qualities:

Colour value
Tinting strength
Particle size

Watercolour FAQ’s
Why are some colours of watercolours easy to wash away after drying and other colours are not?
The fact that some colours remain on the paper and can only be partially washed away is due to the type of pigment (particle size) and/or the quality of the paper used.

How do you create bleeding with watercolour?
The bleeding technique is similar to the wet into wet technique (wetting your paper first with water, or painting into a wet area of colour), only instead of laying your brush on the surface, let the colour drip from above one into the next.
Tip – To control the bleed area, pre-wet only where you want the colour to go first.

Does a watercolour have to be varnished?
It is not absolutely necessary to varnish a watercolour, but varnish helps you protect your work from moisture and dirt. Remember that Watercolour Paint is not waterproof, so remember to follow application instructions when varnishing your artwork. You can also choose not to varnish your work, and instead place it in a frame with UV-resistant glass.

What does “granulation” mean?
Granulation is a property of some pigments which refers to pigments in the paint combining together in small groups once applied. This produces a flocculated or curdled effect that brings life to the colour surface.

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