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The 2019 Master Class Experience


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A day in gay Paris @ H.A.S… extravagance, opulence and abundance!

The theme for our 2019 Master Class Experience was ‘A day in Gay Paris’. This was the first thing our delegates got to see as they arrived
All stations were set up and ready for a full day of crafting fun!
This was our most opulent event so far – so we just had to ensure everyone had a Tim Holtz Media Mat to work off
Every year I make something for each of the ladies to take home. From me to them. This year I made little French inspired signs with their names on that matched the main sign I made for the dining area. A little something to remember the event by. And handmade gifts are always the best!
We were very chuffed with the way the delegates stations turned out this year. So plush! So French. So opulent!
I just love the texture on the delegates name signs
I also made the tags for the kit bags for each delegate. They were all asked to keep the handmade elements from the kits and prezzies – a little ‘extra surprise’ for the day!
I loved the addition of the mini patisserie bowls on the stations filled with yummy chocolate fondants
The 2019 Master Class Schedule displayed for each delegate. The scroll contained the specials which were available to our delegates only! Some great deals as always!
The French theme was super fun to work with and we found lots of great pieces to accessorize with. It’s great fun to have a look around the shop for all the different pieces on display.
Lavender, lavender and more lavender! I really loved this little display area! Putting all the elements together couldn’t be more fun!
Our 3rd project for the day is on display here – the Etcetera Tag
Love is in the details!
This old fan that a friend gave me years ago worked beautifully as an addition to this display area
This was another display area we set up for the event. This one also included 2 of our projects for the day.The lavender was displayed throughout the shop and really added that opulent French feel. So beautiful!
This was the dining area set up in the back of the shop – where all the munching takes place throughout the day lol
Our first snack of the day…
Madeira Cake French Toast with fresh Berries and Vanilla Cream!
The ladies certainly enjoyed this little twist on the traditional ‘French Toast’. So light and so yummy!
The little chalk board on the ornate stand was a great find and will come in use again for sure. It really added that great ‘French Country’ feel.
Wow! What a beautiful cake!
This gorgeous cake was made by my little sister – what a genius! So pretty and best of all… so tasty!
Vanilla and Lavender Cake with Lindt white chocolate drips and macarons. Could it be more decadent?!
Being French themed we had to have some glorious Macarons scattered around the dining area for nibbles. We had Vanilla, Lavender and Pistachipo Macarons for the ladies to treat themselves to.
How pretty did the Prosecco display look with all that Lavender?
The dining area is always so fun to put together for these events. I loved the lavender in these old sherry goblets I’ve had for years – too cute
We always said it was going to be a day of abundance and opulence – so there were plenty of extravagant nibbles scattered around for the ladies to nibble on
Carafe’s with Cucumber Water, Lemon Water and Mint Water
A little vino set aside for lunch
The addition of the silverware with the country elements worked so well
This was another little display area in the dining area which I absolutely loved! It really gave it that French country feel
There is always a tea and coffee station!
I was so super chuffed to have found this little herb pot stand in my travels – it worked brilliantly for the tea and coffee station
Fitting in with the French Country Theme – mis matched mugs for our Tea and Coffee station this year
This years table setting was my favourite by far! I loved putting this together and adding all the layers. I love the eclectic feel to theis opulent country setting.
I found some great mini Carafe’s for each setting and paired them with a rustic wine cup
This years name place settings were displayed on mini tin buckets that were filled with lavender. I printed these on Sticky Back Canvas and frayed the edges
So elegant – loved the colours scheme of this event!
There is a little story behind the mini Le Creuset engraved Pot Magnets that each lady received. The 2019 Master Class Experience was my reason to purchase my first Le Creuset Set – aptly named ‘Provance’. So I had to share that with the ladies by giving them all a small piece of the joy
Country elegance
This is the French sign I made for the dining area and which was the inspiration for each delegates name signs. This was a big sign! But really added that Cafe feel to the dining area. I must have gone through about 6 tubs of Wendy Vecchi Crackle Paste on this bad boy!
There had to be a close up of the lavender!
Everyone arriving and getting settled in to their stations
Getting ready for a busy day of crafting!
Busy bees working on the first project of the day
The ladies loved their French inspired frames
First snack of the day.. what else but croissants?!
B.Y.O Croissants! An abundance of fillings were available for the ladies to choose from
Who doesn’t love cheese?!
The fresh figs were a winner!
The wooden chopping boards really brought in that French country feel
Thank you Deeghuis for the scrumptious croissants
The ladies settling in for a little mid morning nibble
Bon Appetit!
Back to work!
The ladies did an awesome job on their frames
What could be better than a day of crafting?
Voila! Mrs. Furness is all done!
Some very proud faces on completion of the frames
Happy crafters for sure!
Woohoo! Charisse was extra excited to complete her project lol
While the ladies were starting their second project for the day – Beaux Souvenirs Box, we snuck into the dining area to set up for lunch
A little Durbanville Hills in the Carafes for the ladies. Crafting, eating and wine! Some happy ladies
I made the elements for all the presents for each delegate – which again, they were asked to keep for the bonus surprise of the day
The table was so beautifully set for lunch
The ladies had started on their boxes before lunch and really did so well to keep to the schedule for the day
Lots of painting, drying, embossing and more
We had some gorgeous French music playing in the background all day for the delegates to really create the ambience
It’s always a pleasure to see the ladies enjying themselves and not feeling too much under pressure as can often happen at crafting events. The pace was perfect and nobody was stressed or worries about not finishing their projects
A well deserved lunch break for the delegates
Bouef Aux Fine Herbs – a family favourite of ours and somewhat of a treat for us growing up
So excited and loving my new Le Creuset cookware set! Love the ombre in this Provance collection
After an hour relax and lunch break, the ladies were ready for the second half of the day (I think the vino helped as they motored through the next project!)
The Beaux Souvenirs Boxes were completed well within the schedule and they came out beautifully! Great job ladies!
Chilled crafting vibes
And then it was time for pudding… Sara’s Vanilla and Lavender Cake
And a Strawberry Meringue Tower with fresh vanilla cream and drizzled with Lindt dark chocolate – so naughty – so nice!
A little extra Lindt milk chocolate coated strawberries. I could eat these all day!
It’s Master Class. So that means… Prosecco baby!
The table all set up ready for dessert
We were so excited about the presents that were given to the ladies over desert!
You certainly don’t walk away from any Master Class Experience hungry!
Love, love, love the handmade embellishments for the boxes. May favourite for sure!
There were 2 gifts for each delegate on the afternoon tea / pudding table
So we had this easel hidden the whole day and only revealed what was underneath the cloth at the dessert break in the afternoon. To ladies reaction was priceless and one only a crafter could understand!
The hidden easel contained a DPL which I made using all the handmade elements on the gifts and the kits
As a crafter we all know that it is IMPOSSIBLE to throw away the handmade elements that are given to us. So this was a way for the ladies to use those elements – the reaction to this was the best of the day! Each delegate was given the step by step images so they could re-create this DPL at home. What a perfect way to use the handmade elements and document the day at the same time!
SUCH excitement for the gifts handed out over dessert!
I love wtaching the ladies faces when they find and open their gifts – these are the things that make an event like this worthwhile
Happy, happy crafters!
The ladies each received 2 Prima Moulds and 2 Sizzix Thinlits dies!!! It was a day of extravagance and abundance after all!
So many happy faces
So it’s safe to say that the meringue tower was a winner! Happy days Veronica!
Cheers ladies – as ALWAYS, thanks for making our Master Class Experience such a success!
Great job! Great gals! Great day!
ALL 3 PROJECTS COMPLETED! The ladies did an amazing job and as you can see – some very happy faces amongst these crafters!
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