Rough Arches Aqua Watercolour Paper 300gsm 56 x 76cm


Mould-made in France, this 100% cotton rag watercolor paper from Arches is considered the most popular in the world! Each gelatin-sized sheet has four deckle edges and may be repeatedly erased and over-painted on, while still maintaining its beautiful surface quality and integrity. Arches watercolor paper is available in all three legendary watercolor paper finishes. Arches watercolor paper has been a favorite among artists for over 500 years, and it’s easy to see why! Made from 100% cotton linters and both internally and externally gelatin sized, acid free Arches Aquarelle watercolor paper is one of the finest art papers in the world.

Hot Pressed papers are plate smooth and are ideal for traditional watercolor techniques, as well as printmaking, pen and ink drawing and airbrushing.
The rich Cold Pressed surface is a particular favorite of illustrators, watercolorists and airbrush artists.
For a bolder more robust surface, Arches Rough provides just enough texture allowing for easy working and strong enough to maintain its character even after reworking. The Rough texture is also used by watercolorists, airbrush artists and acrylic painters.

260 lb. is approximately the same weight as 140 lb. paper but in double elephant (available in larger sizes than 22×30″).

Key Features:

  • 100% rag cotton – long 100% cotton fibres
  • Mould-made in France
  • Available in hot press, cold press and rough grain!
  • 4 deckle edges
  • Acid-free, no optical brightening agents
  • Natural color
Perfect For:

  • Watercolorists
  • Maintaining the integrity of the paper after repeated erasing and painting
  • Finished artwork
  • Wet techniques such as ink, gouache and acrylic

Conservation: with alkaline reserve, acid-free, no optical brightening agents (permanent in accordance with ISO 9706), fungicidal treatment to prevent the appearance of mould

Uses: ideal for watercolour painting, as for all wet techniques such as ink, gouache and acrylic

Exclusive to ARCHES®: it is sized to the core with natural gelatin, which means it can be scratched without tearing or linting. It also preserves the lustre and transparency of the colours whilst preventing paints penetrating into the thickness of the paper.

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