24’s Bruynzeel Expression Aquarelle Pencils Tin


  • Inspired by the works of Van Gogh, Vermeer, and Rembrandt displayed at the Netherland’s famous Rijksmuseum, Bruynzeel has designed a series of pencil sets that inspire artists to create art like an old master!
  • These coloured pencils have an outstanding colour transfer and tinting strength, making it a joy to work with them
  • Bruynzeel pencils have a hexagonal shape, will not roll away and have a matte finish to grip the pencil with ease
  • The ends of each pencil are colour coded for easy selection
  • Bruynzeel watercolour pencils are made from high-quality colour pigments that are completely water-soluble
  • These pencils can be applied both dry and wet
  • The core has a thickness of 3.7mm
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